Shelly Durbin,


I believe Divinity graced us all with a purpose for our time on earth. However, the discovery of this purpose, to live as we are guided, is our

decision. My goal is to help people remember their connection to Divinity and oneness. 

This is the purpose of Crystal Earth - spiritual rejuvenation; the facilitation of the shift in human consciousness to help people remember their connection to Divinity and "oneness".  Spirit reminded me when I was a child I used to say I wanted to help people "be better". This is my life's work- to help people "be better".

I have learned on my journey that it is our divine right to be happy.  We are meant to live joyful, healthy lives in unity. This is a conscious decision that requires personal responsibility.  We each must take steps to create such a life and no one can do the work for us.

As sparks from Divinity, we are powerful beings.  We are creators.  The journey is about finding your power and creating the life you desire. I believe everyone is equipped with the tools necessary to manifest the changes they wish to see.  Sometimes guidance is needed to utilize these tools to generate inner transformation.

It is my honor to spread the message of light, love and oneness.  This makes everything possible.  There are no limitations.  I look forward to assisting you in your healing journey and helping you create a better life for yourself.