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Please note that I require 24 hours notice when rescheduling or cancelling an appointment.  I appreciate you showing me this courtesy. If you are sick, let me know right away so that I can reschedule you. Colds, stomach viruses and inclement weather are all reasons to reschedule an appointment.

Medical Advice Disclaimer

The services and information at Crystal Earth, LLC (DBA Shelly Durbin, LMT) is not meant to replace the advice of any physician, nor does Crystal Earth, LLC or its employees or agents provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. The information provided by Crystal Earth LLC or its employees or agents should NEVER be construed as medical advice.


If you have any questions regarding any health concern, including depression or mental health, IMMEDIATELY seek medical assistance or dial 911. Crystal Earth, LLC is not owned or supervised by physicians or doctors or medical professionals.


When it comes to the treatment or management of any medical condition we sincerely believe that it is best for every person to deal with a qualified medical professional. Please be advised with all ailments, be it serious or mild in nature including trying any natural remedies including foods, vitamins or herbs, you should seek the advice from a licensed medical doctor.  


Client agrees to indemnify and hold Crystal Earth, LLC, its employees and agents harmless against any losses, claims, damages or liabilities to any such person in the connection with any services or products sold or offered by Crystal Earth, LLC, including the performance of services, except to the extent that any such loss, claim, damages, or liability are judicially determined to have resulted from gross negligence or reckless disregard.

The Healing Hive

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Suite 7

Grand Rapids, MI 49506

(906) 430-8335

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